Connect and Engage.

Providing our Self Care tools to your customers enhances your value as a healthcare resource. Position them to extend your brand and, at the same time, drive your business objectives.

Check out what we have to offer for:

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Our Content, Connecting to Your Sites of Care

  • Support Tools: Our symptom checker and care advice content helps your customers determine how sick they are or their children are, and what action to take. Day or night.
  • The Right Decision: Using our decision-support tools results in the right care at the right time.
  • Connection to Your Services:  When your customers do need help: a doctor, urgent care, or emergency services, they link directly to your services and physicians.  It’s that simple.


Personal Engagement: Be as Close as Their Pocket or Purse

Your custom app can link you directly with your valued customers. Skip the brochure-ware. Deliver useful tools which consumers want and information parents need:

  • Symptom Checker for acute symptoms
  • Parent Advice for behavioral problems
  • First Aid instructions and illustrations
  • Drug Dosage tables for everyday over-the counter meds
  • Medication and Allergy list tracker
  • Personal Connections: Our Tools answer “What should I do?”  Your customizations drive them to your care locations, physician listings and service directories.