Our symptom checker supports your patients and parents to:

  • Understand how sick they are (or their child is)
  • Decide on the best action, based upon current symptoms
  • Learn skills to manage minor illness and injuries at home, when appropriate.

It’s evidence-based, written by Drs. Schmitt and Thompson of telephone triage fame:

  • 134 pediatric care guides (can be stand alone or part of full-age-range)
  • 118 adult care guides
  • Content sets include: Symptom care guides, first aid and OTC dosages by weight.
  • A central resource for patient-centered, accountable care

Key Benefits for your Practice

  • Off loads low acuity calls from your nurses and receptionist
  • Drives appropriate patients to call for appointment
  • Creates loyalty! Patients and parents value this tool you are providing
  • Attracts 18-44 year old’s (Millennials/Gen-Xs) who prefer self-service
  • Reduces after-hours calls
  • Supplies evidence-based decision support vs. simply ‘Googling’ symptoms
  • Establishes Your Practice as the trusted source for healthcare advice

Key Benefits for your Patients (and Parents)

  • Provides help with healthcare decisions
  • Directs appropriate actions: if, and when, they need to call their doctor
  • Builds self-care skills and abilities
  • Offers symptom relief for minor injuries and illnesses