Why work with us?

You Want Reliable, Tested Decision Support

You can rest assured that the care advice provided in our content sets is consistent with what primary care physicians would choose.
The consumer-focused care guides are derived from the Telephone Protocols used by more than 400 medical advice nurse lines (90% of them) and tested in over 18 million symptom calls.
The decision support information is consistent with the Schmitt-Thompson protocol books used by 10,000 practices and over 90% of pediatric offices.

Priority: Patient Safety

The content is designed with patient safety as the highest priority. Each care guide is reviewed by physicians, specialists and nurses for accuracy. The review also incorporates parent and consumer feedback regarding clarity and ease of use.

Custom-label our Tools with Your Brand

Your brand should tout and highlight your identity, not promote WebMD, Mayo or iTriage. 

You (re)name our Symptom Checker and apply your own branding, artwork, and logos. Use our tools to enhance your engagement strategy – supporting your programs, communications, and eHealth activities.

Easy to Navigate

To use the Symptom Checker, your customers simply:

1. Choose the most appropriate symptom care guide

2. Use the symptom decision chart to find the recommended action

3. Follow the self care advice to manage minor illnesses & injuries that don't need to be seen.

The library of Parent Advice Messages is organized by category, offering step-by-step instructions for managing common behavioral, eating and wellness issues of children.

Efficient by Design

Our Symptom Checker addresses specific symptom and injury scenarios. This structure supports your customers in taking the right action and using the right resource at the right time.

Up-to-Date Content

Drs. Schmitt and Thompson review and update the existing topics on a yearly basis. The review includes input from nurses and physicians, consumers, statistical evidence (QI projects and research) and medical evidence (literature review), and feedback from a broad panel of reviewers. Important urgent changes are delivered on a timely basis, as changes occur in medicine. New care guides and topics are developed each year. All are evidenced-based, reviewed and referenced.