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How to: Embed in Wix

Our app is designed to be embedded in other web pages in an iframe element. We provide an iframe support javascript library in our embed snippet to make sure that users have a seamless embedded app browsing experience but Wix will not support adding this additional javascript to your website.

Our iframe support library enables the following features, which will not be available when embedded in a Wix site.

  • host page scroll management & iframe resizing
  • deep linking

Because of this, we advise linking to our standalone symptom checker web app, or embedding our application in an iframe with a static height.

Linking to the standalone application is easy, just click the Launch App button in the Symptom Checker App Factory App Details Page and copy the url for the app. Link to this page from your website. Be sure to complete the Website URL field in the App Details – General Form so that the app includes a link to return to your website.

To embed our application in an iframe with a static height, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the App Factory at and log in.
  2. Create and configure an app – the iframe related features are the following fields.
  3. Hit the Launch App button.
  4. Copy the url for your app.
  5. In the Wix editor, add a HTML iFrame to your page.
  6. Change the HTML settings to Website Address.
  7. Paste the url from step 4.
  8. Set the height and width to desired size.
  9. Preview changes.

If you have completed these steps you should see your symptom checker app running in your web page.

Embedding the Symptom Checker in WIX

Click on the image to see a larger version.