Customizable Patient Engagement Apps

Your mobile app is the virtual front door of your organization. Today, people spend 5 hours a day on average on their phone – and 90% of this time is spent within apps. Connecting with your patients and customers via an app is no longer a luxury — it is an expectation of the consumer and a necessity for the organization. Building an app from the ground up can be expensive and time consuming. Self Care Decisions provides a simple, effective solution for healthcare organizations with our Customizable Engagement App platform. We can help you achieve an effective mobile strategy to:

Attract and engage patients
  • Provide decision support digitally to your audience 24/7, allowing you to support patients beyond and between face-to-face encounters
  • Create opportunities for more frequent engagement beyond traditional healthcare services
  • Reinforce your brand through push notification messages, supporting positive health practices in your customers’ everyday lives
  • Add the symptom checker to your existing app, to boost utilization and interactivity
Drive business to your facilities and services
  • Connect users with your facilities, scheduling options, contact center and telemedicine service
  • Direct consumers to the appropriate care provider in your organization, based upon their health needs
  • Drive portal utilization via direct linkage or application binding
Reinforce your brand, even when your customers are at home
  • Mobile apps and web applications are customizable to your brand
  • Drive the initiatives that are central to your business objectives
  • Support consumer education using clear, conversational language; formatted for easy skimming and uptake


Integrate our tools and content with your brand and services.

    Symptom Checker

    Find a Location

    Find a Doctor

    Access Patient Portal

    Schedule Appointment

    Start a Virtual Visit

    Register for Event

    Pay my Bill

    Parenting Advice

    First Aid Instructions

    Make a Donation

    Browse Services

    Contact Us

    Push Notifications

    Track Meds & Allergies

    CareCatalyst Application Platform

    Our cross-platform native mobile applications are connected to our CareCatalyst content management system, Symptom Checker API and other web services so that they always show the most current content. You, together with our customer support team, can manage the functions in your application, preview changes and schedule/publish updates to your app at any time, without submitting updates to the app store.

    New app developers may not realize the cost of updating a native mobile application or that the app store review process can add days to your app update process. Our data-driven apps can be updated at any time with minimal overhead. The app management platform makes it easy to create a new version of functions for your app, review the changes and publish the update with the click of a button. This saves you time and ensures that your users always have the most up-to-date information about accessing your services.

    Our platform helps you provide accurate, up to date information in your native mobile application at a low cost.

    Selfcare Home Screen Customizable Mobile Apps for Healthcare and Self Care
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    A Children’s Hospital in the Midwest hired us create their engagement app to provide parents with decision-support, fulfillment and self care tools. Their mobile app utilizes our pediatric Symptom Checker (with COVID-19 care guides), which helps users to determine appropriate actions for their child’s symptoms. It then connects them to the Hospital’s primary care locations, facilities and appointments (through MyChart). For the last year, August 2019 through July 2020, there were:

      • 7,305 new users
      • 20,143 sessions

      During this period there were more than 5,000 conversions which led to pediatric care. These included:

      • 835 Find a Pediatrician or Primary Care location
      • 807 Directions to one of their hospitals
      • 628 Find a Children’s Urgent Care requests fulfilled
      • 443 Find a Children’s Emergency Care fulfilled
      • 383 Find a Specialty Care location
      • NOTE: 1,135 views of Coronavirus information and COVID-19 symptom checker

      Our Process

      No two mobile healthcare solutions are the same. Our team combines consultative skills and advanced application design and engineering to deliver apps and web-based tools that meet your healthcare organization’s needs and objectives. Our engagement apps and web tools are created on robust platforms and ready for you to customize. To help you plan for and receive the ideal solution for your organization, we listen first. Then we discover, design, and implement.

      The AppCatalyst team discussing a project and planning how to help the client optimize their mobile apps for healthcare, self-care, and triage

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