Health Plans

Our Self Care tools offer your members a self-service option:

Instant access to evidence-based symptom support, 24 hours per day. The symptom checker complements your nurseline and directs members to the appropriate level of care: aligning the right time, right decision, right resource.  Supporting their healthcare decisions enhances your value and directs members to appropriate care.

Your custom app will contain our proven symptom checker and advice content, plus your choice of links to your locations, member services, directories, and web assets and/or a direct connection to your nurse line.

Benefits to You

  • Assist members to determine the most appropriate level of care
  • Reduce inappropriate ER utilization
  • Complements nurseline offering, offloading low acuity calls; can direct-connect
  • Enhances your value as a resource, supporting member and family health
  • Links to website assets, in-network physicians and facilities, member services
  • Establishes a one-tap connection to self-service

Key Benefits for your Members

The Self Care tools provide:

  • Instant answers, at their fingertips
  • Help with healthcare decisions
  • Appropriate actions: if and when they need to seek help
  • Care advice for managing minor injuries and illnesses on their own

Leverage your custom app or website to connect members to your facilities and services, keeping any necessary utilization in-network.