REST API for Integration with Your Website and Apps

Our symptom checker and other self-care content is also distributed via our REST API. This allows healthcare content distributors and application developers to provide our content to users of their own web and mobile apps. The API is simple and makes it easy to provide end users with reliable healthcare advice natively in your own apps. Implement your symptom checker using content from our API to make sure that your users always receive the most up-to-date healthcare advice. Partner with us for reliable, trusted healthcare advice so that you can focus on providing cutting-edge web and mobile experiences to your users.

Simple Interfaces

Our API is read-only and serves our content in the JSON data format. Our symptom checker and other self-care tools are organized into 5 query-able indices and straight-forward care guide data models. Most body content is already structured in HTML and ready to be displayed in your web apps and webviews in your native mobile apps.


Flexible Design

When you implement content from our API, you can design your own symptom checker experience and apply your app’s user interface to offer your users a seamless solution.

Always Available

Our API comes with a 99.9% uptime promise to make sure that self care content is always available to your users whenever they need it. Server maintenance is scheduled for after hours and is always tested and efficient.

Awesome Support

Our support email and phone line are always open and quick to respond. Your API license begins with a developer overview meeting and includes a bundle of support hours, to make sure that your implementation is smooth from start to finish.

Developer Portal

Our Symptom Checker API Developer Portal offers an API explorer, extensive documentation, example application, credential manager and analytics dashboard.

Care Guide Metadata

Our care guides have age and gender metadata that can be used to filter healthcare advice, so that the user only encounters advice that is appropriate for them.

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